E-Commerce - Making $$$$

The key to making a web site productive is organizing it so everything flows in a logical manor. Have you ever been to a web store where you left because you couldn’t find what you wanted? So have we! Our E-Commerce sites flow easily, making sales come naturally. We’ll work with you to insure that your site is not only attractive, but productive as well. All at a very competitive price.

We know that shopping for the “right” company to do your E-Commerce site can be a daunting task. It's going to be your 'face' to the world. You can't afford to make a mistake. With that in mind, we’ve tried to present as accurate a picture as possible here. Many businesses need no more than our basic package as it includes many features that others consider “options”. Every business is different. Drop us an e-mail and let’s discuss it.

We will register your custom URL (www.yourname.com) and install everything needed to put you on the web. Uutilizing pre-configured market tested designs that have a high degree of customization available, your site will have:

  • Home page
  • Products section
  • Contact us (or about us) page
  • Search page
  • Checkout page
  • We will also submit your site to all the major search engines.


  • Host your web site and get 30 minutes of maintenance per month. Update pages, add or change products - the choice is yours.
  •  E-Commerce sites include:

  • Logical, intuitive menu system allowing your customers to easily find what they’re looking for. Each main choice can have several “flyouts”. Example: Shoes – Men’s, Women’s.
  • You decide how many categories and their order.
  • You select how many categories a product appears in. Example: A pair of deck shoes might be listed in; Women’s Shoes, Boat Shoes, and Sperry Shoes. Updating one product entry automatically updates all categories. By using several categories you let your customer shop the way they want.
  • You select how many products to list on a page and how big you want the “thumbnail” picture.
  • Click on either picture or “Details” button to show enlarged picture with expanded product details.
  • Prices can be shown either alone or with a slash through it and the “Sale” or “Your Price” price shown. You decide.
  • At any point before checkout customer can change quantity or items.
  • Search box to help customers rapidly locate what they’re looking for. Search through all products, or specify the category.
  • Home page, contact & information page, search page, checkout page and as many “product” pages as needed.
  • Direct link to UPS to calculate shipping charges.
  • Option to allow customers to select shipping preference; i.e. 3 Day, Next day, etc.
  • Handling charge optional
  • Several payment options that include every major credit card and PayPal.
  •  Thank you e-mail automatically sent to customer
  •  Customers can choose if they want to be “remembered” at your site.
  •  Email notification of order.
  •  Easily maintained by you, or opt for our deluxe package and we'll do it for you!
  • Options

     Multiple Product Options

    Here’s where we really bring the power to E-Commerce. With several different “drop down” selections, your customers easily select the exact variation of the product they’re looking for, yet you retain the power to limit those selections to what you want to sell. Prices can be adjusted by either a fixed amount or a percentage. Each product can have a unique option list, or share it with other products. Some uses might be:

  • Size – Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Color - Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey
  • Grade – Light, Heavy
  • Gift Wrapping – Simple, Deluxe
  • Personalize – Type in what you want engraved, embroidered, etc.
  • You can have more than one option for any product.

     Affiliate program.

    A powerful marketing opportunity like the one Amazon.com pioneered. Other websites can become part of your sales team by simply getting an affiliate ID and linking to your web site. The traffic to your web site is tracked and when someone “buys”, the commission amount you set up is automatically generated. You both share in the sale, a true Win-Win situation.

     Wholesale section.

    You can have a spot for customers to “login” and see discounted prices. Distributors or “key” customers can view the wholesale price set up for each product.

     Customer Ratings

    Have your customers "Rate" each item giving confidence to your store.

     Private pages.

    Using the login feature, you can have pages that are only available to those you have given permission to. Up to 5 levels permitted with each level allowed progressively more permission.

     Additional pages

    Additional pages for information, pictures, company background, employee of the month, whatever you choose.

     Drop shipping.

    Automatically send an order to a supplier for “drop shipping”. On products you specify, when an order is generated an e-mail of that order is automatically sent to the company you designate.

     Utilize SSL for secure checkout

    SSL Installation $95.00 plus the cost of the SSL - makes site "secure"


    Utilize the power of coupons to market your site. Customers enter a coupon code for special pricing. Set up a discount coupon and limit the number to however many you decide. A coupon for the first XXX customers!

     Quantity discounts.

    Encourage quantity purchases with a discount for multiples. You set the rate!

    ... much, much more!!